Search Engines Beef Up Privacy Policies

But Some Say Not Enough Data Are Purged 
John Simpson, a consumer advocate with Consumer Watchdog, said in a statement, "If data is not completely anonymous, this is nothing more than PR." Simpson’s consumer group called for major search engines to match the policy of IXQuick, a Danish search engine that deletes all personal data after 48 hours.

Google removes ‘Beta’ label from Chrome, but browser still fails privacy test

I was surprised today when Internet giant Google today removed the "Beta" or test label from its new Chrome browser. Four-year-old Gmail still carries the "Beta" label. Despite the
changes, though, the Web browser still offers inadequate protection for
users’ privacy.

Congress Warned Of Google Privacy & Security Risks After Google Markets Services To Staffers On Hill

New Video Shows Privacy Problems With G-Mail
Washington, DC — Consumer Watchdog released a new on-line video
exposing privacy problems with Google’s Gmail service and other Google
applications in the wake of Google’s recent marketing efforts on
Capitol Hill.   At a speech in Washington D.C. today, Google CEO Eric
Schmidt acknowledged the group’s privacy concerns and expressed an
interest in addressing them. He said his concern was balancing
performance and speed of the system with privacy and security demands.

Group Warns of Google Browsing, E-mail

Consumer Watchdog is a consumer advocacy group that believes Google’s
e-mail service, called Gmail, is not private or secure. And Consumer
Watchdog says the security problem is not only with Gmail users, but
also with those who may not have Gmail but correspond with Gmail users.

Consumer Watchdog: Google Made First Political Contributions

California campaign disclosures show that Google, which has had issues from privacy advocates and government regulators, made what appears to be the first political contributions to elected officials in the company’s history.

Another huge medical data breach is mishandled

Both president-elect Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain backed electronic medical records during their campaign. Computerizing patient data, which could increase efficiency and cut costs, is part of every major federal health reform…

Google Makes First California Candidate Contributions As Criticism Mounts – Updated 11/11/08

Santa Monica, CA — California campaign disclosures show that Google,
Inc [GOOG] – which is under fire from privacy advocates and government
regulators – made what appears to be the first political contributions
to California candidates in the company’s history.