Google finds itself on the defensive in China

The falling out between Google and the Chinese government continues with Beijing getting rather the best of Mountain View. The results won’t make much difference to American consumers but China’s actions do show how a national government can impose its will on a far-flung networked corporation.

Google Should Answer Some Searching Questions

Google woos people with its “don’t be evil” slogan and assures us that everything it does is meant to enhance our online experience. But a new study by US advocacy group Consumer Watchdog – of which I am part – has found evidence that the internet giant’s search results are skewed to its own advantage.

Top trustbuster says DOJ watching search industry

The U.S. Justice Department is paying close attention to the Internet search industry now dominated by Internet giant, Google, according to Assistant Attorney General Christine. Varney, the nation’s top trustbuster, gave the keynote speech last week to the American Antitrust Institute’s 11th Annual Convention in Washington, DC. I was there and took the opportunity to ask her what government policy should be if online search naturally tends to become a monopoly.

House Oversight chair questions federal cloud strategy

As the Obama administration pushes ahead with plans to adopt cloud computing, Congress is pushing back with questions. Google is a leading proponent of cloud computing, where most applications and data are on remote servers and accessed from a PC via the Internet.

Google: Wi-Fi Spy Data Wasn’t Used

Some consumer advocates said the problem is that Google did not seem more open with what happened and why. “As this has unfolded we learn more,” said John Simpson of Consumer Watchdog, which has criticized Google in the past. “I would like to see Google come clean about what they gathered.”