Consumer Watchdog Praises Department Of Justice Action In Google Books Case, Warns Major Issues Including Lack Of Privacy Guarantees Remain Problematic

SANTA MONICA, CA — Consumer Watchdog praised the U.S. Justice
Department for objecting to the proposed Google Books settlement in a
brief the department filed in U.S. District Court tonight. The nonpartisan, nonprofit consumer group had asked the Justice
Department to intervene in the case on antitrust grounds last April.
Justice announced it was investigating in July. Justice’s objections
tonight went beyond antitrust concerns.

Consumer Watchdog Tells Justice Any Google Deal Must Include Means Of Enforcement

WASHINGTON, DC —  Any plan offered by Google meant to overcome
objections to the proposed Google Books settlement must include a
“binding agreement with the full force of law,” Consumer Watchdog told
the U.S. Justice Department today. Justice has until Friday to file
its position on the books settlement with the court.

Consumer Watchdog Backs Digital Libraries, Opposes Google Books Settlement Deal

Testimony Says Deal Violates Law, Is Anti-Competitive And Raises Privacy Concerns

WASHINGTON, DC — The proposed Google Books settlement should be
rejected because it is anticompetitive, violates both U.S. and
international law and raises substantial threats to privacy, Consumer
Watchdog’s John M. Simpson told the House Judiciary Committee today.

Consumer Watchdog Urges Court To Reject Google Books Deal, Calls New Privacy Policy Inadequate

Brief Argues Books Settlement Violates Both U.S. And International Copyright Law, Is Anticompetitive

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Consumer Watchdog today filed a brief urging a
federal court to reject the proposed Google Books settlement because it
is anticompetitive and violates both U.S. and international law.
 Separately, the consumer group called a Books privacy policy Google
offered late last week inadequate.

Consumer Watchdog Calls On Genetech Exec To Quit Either Google Or Apple Board

Santa Monica, CA — Genentech Board Chairman Arthur D. Levinson should
quit as a director of either Internet giant Google or Apple to avoid
antitrust violations, Consumer Watchdog said today, following the
resignation of Eric Schmidt from the Apple board. The call from the nonprofit, nonpartisan consumer group came after the
announcement that Google Chairman and Chief Executive Eric Schmidt, who
held the same dual role, was stepping down from Apple’s board.  The
Federal Trade Commission has been investigating for several months
whether Apple and Google had violated antitrust laws by sharing two

Consumer Watchdog Calls On Feds To Get User Privacy And Antitrust Guarantees In Proposed Microsoft-Yahoo! Deal

Santa Monica CA — The proposed 10-year partnership on Internet search
and search advertising between Microsoft and Yahoo! must be closely
scrutinized by the Federal Trade Commission and the Justice Department
to ensure there are no antitrust violations and that user privacy is
guaranteed, Consumer Watchdog said today.

Secret Google Presentation Defends Invasive Behavioral Ads

Consumer Watchdog Releases Satirical Annotated Version, Says Cyber-Spying Should Raise Lawmaker Alarms Over Internet Giant’s New ‘Net-based Operating System

Consumer Watchdog Praises Google For Considering New E-mail Security But Asks Why It Took Internet Giant So Long To Act To Protect Users

Santa Monica, CA — Google should be praised for agreeing to offer
improved security for users of its online services like Gmail, Consumer
Watchdog said today, but the non-partisan, non-profit consumer group
asked why the the company waited so long to act.

Consumer Groups To Obama: Google Lobbyist’s Appointment To Technology Post Raises Ethics Rules Questions For White House — Appointment Should Not Go Forward

Washington, DC — Two consumer groups today urged the White House not
to move forward with the pending appointment of Google’s top global
public policy official to the position of Deputy Chief Technology
Officer in the White House, saying it would violate the intent of
President Obama’s ethics rules meant to end the revolving door between
lobbyists and the executive branch.

Google Presentation On “Google, Competition and Openness” Shared With Justice Department And Myths Debunked By Consumer Watchdog

Washington, DC — Consumer Watchdog has sent to the U.S. Justice
Department a Google document presenting the best corporate arguments
for why Google should not be viewed as monopolistic, along with a
duplicate of the presentation marked up with comments from an expert
countering the claims.  The nonprofit consumer group received both
documents from an anonymous industry insider.

U.S. Senate Records Reveal Google Inc. Lobbying Campaign On Personal Medical Records Law Despite Internet Giant’s Denials

Washington, DC — First quarter federal reports show Google lobbied on
the electronic medical records provisions of the federal economic
stimulus act, contradicting the Internet giant’s earlier claims that
Consumer Watchdog’s report of its effort was “100 percent false.”

Consumer Group Calls On Justice Department To Intervene In Google Book Settlement

"Orphan Works" provision and "Most Favored Nation" Clause Raise Antitrust Concerns

Santa Monica, CA — Google’s proposed settlement with authors and
publishers raises antitrust concerns, Consumer Watchdog said today and
the nonpartiasn, nonprofit group called on the U.S. Department of
Justice to intervene.

Privacy Watchdog Condemns Google For Effort To Defund It: Calls For Greater Corporate Disclosure About Lobbying Efforts And Independent Privacy Chief

Washington, DC — Consumer Watchdog President Jamie Court wrote
Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt today questioning the company’s priorities
following efforts by one of Google’s top executives to dissuade a
charitable foundation from supporting the nonpartisan group’s privacy