Does Google-Motorola Pose Anti-Competitive Danger?

Mon, Aug 15, 2011 at 11:21 am

    Does Google-Motorola Pose Anti-Competitive Danger?

    What if Google, the master of the cloud computing universe and the Internet’s information monopolist, were to buy Intel, Apple, or IBM? Would we want the company that controls information outside of our computers all along the Internet to also have control over a principal computer hardware maker and its patents?

    Anti-trust regulators looking at Google’s proposed takeover of Motorola Mobility might ask themselves the same type of question.  Do you want the mobile phone information monopolist (through its Android operating system and apps) to own a principle mobile manufacturer and its patent technology?

    To be sure, monopolies look different in the Internet age. But what Google has over all of us is the world’s largest repository of private information ever assembled because it tracks every web site we visit and every search we make.  Mobile technology allows Google to follow our physical movements through Android, Maps and Latitude, as well as our mobile behavior, images we compile on our mobile phone, and soon the faces of people we photograph.

    Should an information monopolist like Google have the power to dominate cell phone manufacturing and control patents that could require mobile phones to use its information-tracking Android operations and applications?  The debate has just begun.


    Jamie Court is the president and CEO of Consumer Watchdog.

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    One Response to “Does Google-Motorola Pose Anti-Competitive Danger?”

    1. vsp Says:

      Google is an overgrown crybaby and is a spoilt brat. It does not know about misery because it was born with a silver spoon in its mouth. Whatever it wants it gets without any difficulty. This juvenile, in spite of adult supervision, has not grown up to be responsible. It likes to steal other’s toys, but when someone steps on its toys it shouts bloody murder and starts to throw tantrums. It also likes to destroy other’s property because it thinks it can.

      Google is in the smart phone business not because it is serious about it but it serves as a loss leader to its ads business. Google’s behavior is worse than a patent troll’s. It disrupts other’s business so that it can grow up its ads business. This is the most nefarious activity that should be banned outright (Caution: Please don’t jump to conclusion that I am against ads). It uses its monopoly in one area to leverage into other areas. This is worse than product dumping by Asian countries in mature markets. Not only is this anti-competitive, but by not charging a price for its products, it is also not operating on a level playing field. It uses foreign partners like Samsung and HTC to destroy a host country’s businesses. Google should be stopped. Google is the worst terrorist in the US.

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