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Dear Chairman Genachowski,

The Federal Communications Commission must act to ensure that all data on the Internet is treated equally.  Please do not allow two companies to negotiate the fate of the Internet to suit their corporate agenda.

The FCC must act now to ensure “Net Neutrality” on both the wireline and wireless Internet and protect consumers. The FCC should  enact binding net neutrality rules using the authority vested in the agency by Title II of the 1934 Telecommunications Act.


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Two giant corporations – Google and Verizon — have just announced a joint plan that would kill the open Internet as we know it. They want to allow Internet Service Providers to charge a premium do deliver some data services faster than other content. They would place no restraint on data discrimination on the wireless Internet.

We can’t let two companies decide the rules for the Internet. The Federal Communications Commission must act to ensure that “Net Neutrality” is guaranteed for both the wireline and wireless Internet. Please sign our petition.

Published by Evan Thomas King

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