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You can take action now… | Inside Google
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You can take action now…

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Wed, Jul 28, 2010 at 12:04 pm

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You can take action now…

“We demand that Congress hold hearings immediately to investigate Google’s illegal spying on private Wi-Fi networks.

“Google refuses to reveal the nature of the private data it collected with its Wi-Spying. Even worse, Google refuses to say what it did or is planning on doing with the data. Instead Google just keeps saying: Don’t worry. Trust us.

“We don’t trust a company that has been secretly collecting our private data to do the right thing.

“It’s time for Google to come clean and for Congress to take action and investigate potentially the biggest wiretapping scandal of all time.”

To learn more about why Congress needs to hold hearings on Google’s Wi-Spying, click here.

Please sign our petition.


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24 Responses to “You can take action now…”

  1. AC Says:

    This petition is ridiculous. Google has organized chaos; it has untangled the world’s biggest knot. These dudes are boyscouts blasting off into the future. Google can wi-spy cause I have nothing to hide and like knowing what’s going on in the world. Who do you think should analyze the wifi structure of the US to collect data that is essential to future network infrastructure planning and strategic organization opportunities? The Government? Would you rather pay for it in taxes and have a meathead try to understand the complexity of the Internet or would you rather google dorks do it for free? Someone has to take money from all the porn advertiser millionaires. Thanks,


  2. Thomas Danfield Says:

    Without an individuals permission, this type of activity is clearly and blatantly an invasion of privacy.

  3. Stupid Campaign Says:

    This shows your organization has a poor understanding of this technology. By your reasoning if someone “in the privacy of their home” loudly played music or talked on the phone and someone on the street overheard them and recorded it then they would have committed the violation you are asserting about Google. These were unencrypted connections – thats like putting a letter on a public kiosk for all to read rather than putting it in an envelope. There are many corporate abuses that should be addressed by you but this is not one. Everyone who receives a WiFi router is told to encrypt. When you use the free WiFi at the library or Starbucks you are reminded this is not a secure connection. Your bank and merchants tell you don;t send credit card info by email – that is not secure.

    Do you plan to investigate Skyhook too? How about the library and Starbucks for not giving you a secure connection when according to you people should be able to expect that their internet communications are secure. Did you realize the NSA is still monitoring much of the internet traffic? So are many other governments too.

    Why are you doing this campaign? – lets have some transparency – Who are you major funders – are they competitors to Google or maybe the big phone companies who want to stop net neutrality?

    Please direct your limited resources towards issues that matter to people.

  4. Jay Price Says:

    This is far too much like the fiber optic system being set up by ATT, we still have no way to supervise their data collection. Now, Google is following the lead of Verizon and ATT. Enough is enough! This must be investigated, and stopped.

  5. Jim Says:

    Come on, John, give it a rest. I’m usually in favor of the projects Consumer Watchdog takes on, but you are obviously a professional who is paid to “find fault” with Google. Personally I don’t care what they do with data that they collected from unsecure wireless networks. People that care should turn encryption on for their wireless routers.

  6. Jess Zepeda Says:

    This is a conspiracy to controll the synesthetic power of language and culture in our global communication problem.
    Jess Zepeda

  7. Jess Zepeda Says:

    Down with this conspiracy to use technology

  8. rosa walters Says:

    there should be a hearing on this

  9. Illuminate Activity Says:

    I think this does not go far enough, any company should not be able to collect individuals information without specific consent. Scanning wi-fi networks unencrypted or not is akin to wire tapping.
    Many consumers do not have sufficient knowledge to configure their wireless routers, but their inability should not give companies unlimited rights to gather their information.
    Google has passed the point of being some clever geeks, it is a full blown business and should be monitored closely. All large businesses should have addition scrutiny and regulations controlling their behavior.
    I don’t see any harm in finding out why they are doing this. It is costing money, so there is a reason behind it. I would think the press would be a more efficient place to persue this than congress, but I have no problem with our regulators actually doing some work.

  10. Sabrina Crawford Says:

    There is a difference between purposefully playing loud music and being unaware your network is not secure. Some people just don’t know better and are never taught better.

  11. Joe Says:

    John, thanks for the great job. Our team is behind you. Don’t pay attention to the amateurish comments. Those people wouldn’t recognize a T-bone, nor can imagine the consequences this privacy breach can carry on their lives. They are just die-hard Google fanboys; some under sheep clothes. These nancies come up with amateurish, Tupperware party comments because they don’t know better. That’s why you are here, to protect them from themselves, because you know better.

    G. needs to be investigated. It’s time for the government to get involved.

  12. ET Says:

    Clearly AC and some others are just plain naive. Google is collecting as much info on everyone they can and plan to us that information to profit themselves. Maybe AC doesn’t value his privacy, but there are a lot of people in this country that do. Corporations already have too much power and far too many lobbyist with access to government politicians, while the average citizen has none. Maybe AC would like to donate Google some of his DNA. May be Google will come up with the next big medical break through like curing cancer. Then maybe Google would sell the DNA and AC will end up on a secret list where he unable to buy health insurance.

  13. Stupid Campaign Says:

    @Joe, if the comments are so mistaken, prove it.

  14. Mr. B Says:

    Well, you’re #1 now. I just did a search on Google.

  15. Dean Farris Says:

    Google should disclose the data it has collected, name the entities and individuals that have received or bought the data. Google and anyone who received the data should be required to delete it if requested by email or letter.

  16. Karen Jackson Says:

    I understand that you “techies” want the latest & greatest technology available but there’s something REALLY wrong with the people that are posting “pro google” here. You people are either all about finding and spying on people yourselves or you have nothing to lose by having all your personal information out there on the air waves and in the general domain. I personally dont’ WANT anyone looking at my house to see what it looks like and I consider it a GROSS invasion of privacy. Just like the people that look it up to see what it’s worth, for God sakes, that’s NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

    AC – You’re probably one of those people, HUH?????

  17. Karen Jackson Says:

    To: “Stupid Campaign”

    You’re an idiot!

  18. Joe Says:

    For those with the amateurish “It’s not the thief’s fault you left your door open” and “not enough data” type of comments, read this quote by Cardinal Richelieu. This is on the reasons I care about my privacy and you should too:

    “Give me six lines written by the most honorable of men, and I will find an excuse in them to hang him.”

  19. Chris Says:

    This is a ridiculous waste of time and money. I’m not pro-Google, just being practical. Do you really think Google is compiling a secret, sinister database of unprotected WiFi networks across the country? To what purpose? Get a clue – you don’t have anything of value to justify this paranoia. If you’re that worried about an invasion of privacy using wireless equipment THAT YOU OWN, read the fricking manual and learn how to protect your own crap. If you can’t figure it out, I’m sure you have a reasonably intelligent friend or family member who will do it for you. Move on…!

  20. Claudia Roberts Says:

    Google needs to come clean about the Wi-Spy scandal. I demand that Congress hold hearings regarding this issue.

  21. WS Says:

    Any individual is able to snoop open wifi data with off-the-shelf software (e.g.

    While we might be able to control Google, it’s not possible to control every individual.

    If you and others really care about privacy, you would instead, for instance, be pushing *router suppliers* to improve awareness on consumers about open wifi, otherwise that’s just disingenuous.

  22. WS Says:

    No wonder this post was signed by “admin”, rather than a real person’s name.

  23. Stanley M;ulder Says:

    I demand a Congressional hearing on Google’s Wi-Spying. Congress should not have to be pressured to do what is right for U.S. citizens privacy protection. Google should have been stopped by Congress long ago.


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