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How Google Is Becoming An Anti-Competitive Monopoly

Mon, Jun 21, 2010 at 12:00 pm

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10 Responses to “How Google Is Becoming An Anti-Competitive Monopoly”

  1. Steerio Says:

    Dear poster, I sincerely believe that it’s not Google’s “biased search engine” that makes me choose between these two services:

    Service #1:
    Service #2:

    You underestimate people’s ability to choose between services by evaluating them. You also fail to acknowledge that services are not equal, that some are poorer and some are superior in terms of features, the volume of available data and also very importantly: usability.

    People don’t care about the brand name when they look up a place on the map – they want information and they want it with the least amount of annoyance.

    You gave us perfect examples: Photobucket and Mapquest are two of the most annoying websites. They are the Myspace of their respective areas. It’s not a coincidence that their share is dropping.

  2. abe Says:

    lol, this is pretty stupid, and bias video. most people use google services because they are notably better than the competitors and/or because they integrate with other google services that those people already use. and even if google search favors its own services, does anybody really expect differently? just use yahoo search or MS search, and see them favor their own services too…

  3. Kevin M Says:


    I am in complete agreement with you and it is not Google making the choices it is the consumer. It just so happens that the larger percentage of users know Google will give them relevant data with the least amount the stuff they don’t want.

    Is it so hard to believe that the large percentage of internet users use Google? If you study the level of intelligence it is a flat line that equals the percentage of users that trust Google results over the competition. The sad thing is that the percentage is small in comparison to the amount of traffic searching online! That is what is so depressing to me;(

  4. Craig Says:

    This is silly. Google invented web search. Now the copycat companies are complaining? M$ has no excuse, cause they were ignorantly late to Internet business and standards. Mapquest had the original corner on Maps, but became complacent in a fast changing world. Photobucket who? what? Yahoo had the corner in email, but was slow to improve and branch out. AOL and Compusuck wanted to monopolize the conceptual “open” information exchange, and died for it. If you want to compete with Google, invent something better!

  5. Frank Says:

    Build a better mousetrap…

  6. James Street Says:

    Google is not different from other large, successful businesses. They go through stages if they are successful and the end stage is either oligopoly where they share the stage with several other large successful companies such as we see with hamburger and pizza chains, car makers, etc. or they become virtual monopolies with small players existing only in the margins.

    When they are monopolies, something usually happens to break them up or bring them down to size and we saw in the past with IBM, Standard Oil and AT&T, and turn them into oligopolies.

    It is almost the definition of capitalism to NOT allow government control and nationalization so monopolies are almost always broken up instead of nationalized or controlled by the government.

    But they can have a very long run and Google doesn’t even seem to be at mid course yet.

  7. James Street Says:

    Sorry for the mangled syntax.

    I should have ended paragraph 2 “as we saw in the past with IBM, Standard Oil and AT&T.”

  8. Shen Says:

    Google needs to be split. I have no doubt that youtube, google maps, Google Base, Gmail, and other services will be required to be separate companies which means, death of them. It’s about time. Other companies should do that not Google. Take your biased cap and use your brains Google fanboys! We need competition. Even by Google providing free services is just a threat to innovation.

  9. Shen Says:

    Abe, you said:

    “and even if google search favors its own services, does anybody really expect differently?”

    YES! Antitrust laws you moron! That’s like Bush using his presidential powers to negotiate better oil contracts for his private companies. Use the brain somebody gave you man.

  10. Shen Says:

    Craig said:

    “Mapquest had the original corner on Maps, but became complacent in a fast changing world.”

    Oh sure, Google decided to push Mapquest to page “where is dat page?” in favor of Google Maps at the top. Yes, they became complacent. There is even evidence from Hitwise that Google Maps did them good.

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