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Google seeks spinmeisters

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Tue, Aug 18, 2009 at 5:08 pm

    Internet giant Google is seeking communications personnel to get its story out to the world and counter what it calls negative press.

    According to an advertisement posted on PRWeek’s Website, part of a communications manager’s role is to "counter misinformation and mitigate negative media coverage that might lead to unnecessary regulation or interfere with our business and ability to serve our users in other ways."

    I don’t know what the job pays, but I bet it’s a lot. These folks are going to have to drink the Kool-Aid and then bridge the gap between Google’s high-sounding "Don’t be evil" mantra and actual corporate behavior.

    Of course the best way to avoid "unnecessary regulation" is not to abuse customers privacy, to provide adequate security and not to indulge in anti-competitive practices.

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