Buzzed Gmail Outs Google Ties to Obama’s Deputy CTO

Ex-Googler Hoist By Mountain View’s Own Petard It would be hard to imagine a better Google story. If the company’s own web services somehow outed the most intimate secrets of CEO Eric Schmidt – a man who says net privacy is only for miscreants – that would surely be Google story to end all Google […]

Consumer Group Seeks Google, White House E-Mails

Consumer Watchdog said today it filed a Freedom of Information Act request for copies of e-mails traded between the White House’s Deputy Chief Technology Officer and Google Inc., his former employer. Andrew McLaughlin, previously the Mountain View search company’s chief policy executive, unwittingly revealed his exchanges with former colleagues when the Google Buzz service launched […]

Watchdog Group Requests White House Official’s E-mail After Google Buzz Mishap

Consumer Watchdog has filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy to obtain e-mails between Internet policy chief Andrew McLaughlin and his former employer, Google Inc. McLaughlin, Google’s former top lobbyist, unwittingly revealed his frequent e-mail contacts on his Google Buzz profile in February. Now the […]