Google Could Face Challenge To Its Privacy Settlement With FTC

Consumer Watchdog is looking to get a shot at challenging Google’s $22.5-million settlementwith the Federal Trade Commission over alleged privacy violations.

Google Hit With Record $22.5-Million Fine For Safari Tracking

The FTC fines Google a record $22.5 million for violating the privacy of people who used Apple’s Safari Web browser even after pledging it would not.

In levying a record $22.5-million fine against Google Inc., the Federal Trade Commission said it wanted to send a clear message to the Internet giant that it won’t tolerate similar breaches in the future.

State Eyes Do-Not-Track Legislation

A number of recent public opinion surveys have shown support for do-not-track mechanisms. Consumer Watchdog said a poll commissioned last summer showed that 84% of respondents wanted to prevent online companies from tracking personal information without a person’s explicit, written approval.

Google Street View Goes Off Road With Tricycle To Capture More Images

Consumer Watchdog spokesman John Simpson said: “Google continues to push the envelope as far as it can and increasingly intrudes in our lives without asking permission. How long will it be before the Internet giant deploys teams with handheld cameras to photograph places where the trikes can’t go?”

Consumer Groups Criticize Congressional Bill on Online Consumer Privacy

Consumer watchdog groups say a draft congressional bill falls short of its proclaimed intention of protecting the privacy of consumers using the Internet. During a conference call with reporters Tuesday, the groups said they would push for changes to the bill.

Watchdog Group Requests White House Official’s E-mail After Google Buzz Mishap

Consumer Watchdog has filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy to obtain e-mails between Internet policy chief Andrew McLaughlin and his former employer, Google Inc. McLaughlin, Google’s former top lobbyist, unwittingly revealed his frequent e-mail contacts on his Google Buzz profile in February. Now the […]

Google updates Buzz social-networking service amid privacy concerns

The Internet giant has tweaked the sign-up process to make the
opt-out option clearer and made it easier to block people from
following users.

"Google shows continued tone deafness to the very important privacy
rights of consumers," John Simpson of Consumer Watchdog said.