White House May Try Cybersecurity End Run

“It is clear that we do need better protection of vulnerable networks,” John Simpson, consumer advocate at Consumer Watchdog, told TechNewsWorld. “Congress was unable to act, so I suppose the Administration is taking steps.” He cautioned, however, that he had not seen a copy of the draft order.

Los Angeles Axes Plans to Add Police Email to Google Cloud

The issues surrounding the Google Apps deal with Los Angeles came to a head in October, when Santa Monica, Calif.-based Consumer Watchdog released on its website a letter from Los Angeles CTO Randi Levin to systems integrator CSC that formally requested that CSC refund to Los Angeles money spent on seat licenses and migration costs associated with moving its law enforcement and criminal justice personnel to Google’s cloud product.

Consumer Watchdog Says Los Angeles Must Demand Removal of Deceptive Video After City Council Kills Plan for Police to Use Google’s Cloud-based Email

SANTA MONICA, CA – Consumer Watchdog today called on Los Angeles officials to demand Google remove a deceptive video featuring Los Angeles City employees from a website marketing the Internet giant’s Google Apps for Government “cloud computing” service.

Consumer Watchdog Lambasts Los Angeles Over Google Apps

Consumer Watchdog president Jamie Court has given Los Angeles city council members an impassioned speech about the failings of its Google Apps contract, even though the meeting to discuss the issue has been moved to next week.

Los Angeles CTO Defends Embattled Google Apps Deal

Los Angeles CTO Randi Levin said Thursday that Google Apps is “working fine” for the majority of city employees, and that the city’s desire to cancel the cloud-based e-mail suite in the Los Angeles Police Department and other agencies that handle criminal justice data is a result of technology outpacing public policy. Levin’s remarks came […]

Los Angeles Wants Refund for Google Apps

Google may need to act quickly to salvage its $7.25 million deal to migrate the city of Los Angeles to its Google Apps platform, following news that the delayed rollout is still not completed. The city approved the deal two years ago, but in July 2010 it was disclosed that delays had prevented full implementation.

Google Apps Hasn’t Met LAPD’s Security Requirements, City Demands Refund

Two years after the City of Los Angeles approved a $7.25 million deal to move its e-mail and productivity infrastructure to Google Apps, the migration has still not been completed because the Los Angeles Police Department and other agencies are unsatisfied with Google’s security related to the handling of criminal history data.

Google Suffers Cloud Setback in L.A.

Los Angeles is delaying until 2012 the migration of email to Google’s cloud computing suite for thousands of law enforcement officials because the system doesn’t currently meet security requirements — a blow for the tech titan as it battles rivals for government cloud supremacy.

Is Google adding a default security setting?

One of the dangers of using public Wi-Fi networks at coffee shops and the like is that anybody else on the network can read your email, Facebook postings, search requests and easily hack into your account unless the data is encrypted. The most common is SSL encryption using the HTTPS protocol.  If you use it, […]

Consumer Watchdog Asks FTC To Probe Google’s Deceptive Trade Practices In Marketing Google Apps for Government; Buzz Agreement Maybe Violated

SANTA MONICA, CA — Consumer Watchdog today said Google used deceptive and unfair trade practices in marketing its “cloud computing” services to government entities and asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate.

Google Email Bid Facing Hurdles

In an internal memo first obtained by the advocacy group Consumer Watchdog, the city in December said Google and its partner Computer Sciences Corp. repeatedly committed to and then missed deadlines to solve data security issues that were preventing the Los Angeles Police Department from moving onto Google’s system.

Google’s Misrepresentations To Government About Cloud Computing Service Warrant House Oversight Committee Investigation, Consumer Watchdog Tells Congressman Issa

WASHINGTON, DC — Consumer Watchdog today asked the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee to investigate Google’s misrepresentations about its “cloud computing” services as the Internet giant has tried to sell them to the federal government, as well as state and municipal governments.