Consumer Watchdog Asks Google for More Privacy, While Firefox Adds ‘Porn Mode’

With Google adding a browser to its search engine, cloud applications, ad tracking and toolbar, it already knows more about you than even your mother could. But Consumer Watchdog thinks the Lords of the Web should still make it easier for people to have a bit more privacy…

Is Chrome Spying on You?

The nonprofit Consumer Watchdog
has called on Google to amend several features in its new browser that,
they claim, seriously compromise your privacy on the Web. You may have
noticed that whenever you start typing into Google’s search field, the
site starts suggesting topics for you. Google is, in fact, recording
and storing every keystroke you type, regardless of whether you hit the
search button or not. The company also stores your IP address, which
can narrow your physical location down to within a block or two. In
short, Google has compiled a profile of who you are and what you’re
like, along with a damn good idea of where you live. If the government
would like to know as well, and can get their hands on a subpoena,
there’s not much you can do about it.

Google Chrome Privacy Issues Prompts Plea To Google Execs

Chief among the group’s complaints is Google Suggest, a
feature found in Chrome and other Google applications like Google

In an effort to publicize what it claims are the privacy failings of Google…

Consumer Watchdog Exposes Google Privacy Problems & Calls For Attorneys General Investigation

Online Video Targets Google’s  New “Chrome” Browser, Websites And Software Revealed

SANTA MONICA, CA — Consumer Watchdog has created a You Tube video
showing how your computer could be having an unnoticed conversation
about you with Google. The nonprofit group has called on Google’s
founders and directors to adopt new privacy safeguards that allow for
anonymous internet and software use.  Watch the video here and read the letter to Google’s founders here.

Google’s Growth Makes Privacy Advocates Wary

Perhaps the biggest threat to Google Inc.’s increasing dominance of Internet search and advertising is the rising fear, justified or not, that Google’s broadening reach is giving it unchecked power. "Google Suggest" sends Google searches as you type, in hopes of
anticipating your desires. So if you’re keying in "Electoral College
2008 election," Google will offer multiple search queries along the
way. First you’d be given results related to the term "electoral," then
ones on the Electoral College in general, and finally you’d get links
pertaining to Tuesday’s presidential vote. This is what worries
Consumer Watchdog: Say you key in something that could be embarrassing
or deeply personal, but reconsider before you press "Enter." The
autosuggest feature still sends this phrase to Google’s servers, tied
to your computer’s numeric Internet Protocol (IP) address.