Google Settles With Feds, Apologizes (Again) For Buzz Privacy Blunder

John M. Simpson, director of Consumer Watchdog’s Privacy Project, said the FTC should have gone further and actually fined the search giant. “Nothing will completely stop Google from invading users’ privacy until it gets hit where it hurts, its bank accounts,” he said in a statement.

Microsoft’s Secret ‘Screw Google’ Meetings In D.C.

In recent months, two heavily detailed, annotated versions of
confidential Google slide presentations — one dealing with competition
issues, the other with behavioral targeting — have been published by a
Santa Monica–based group called Consumer Watchdog. The annotations are
highly critical of Google and seek to rebut the search giant’s

DOJ Inquiry Over Book Deal Puts Google on Notice

Earlier this month, Consumer Watchdog sent a letter to Attorney General
Eric Holder arguing that the deal between Google and the Author’s Guild
raises antitrust concerns and hasn’t been adequately scrutinized with
the public’s interest in mind. Consumer Watchdog objected to two components of the deal, arguing they
create barriers to entry for potential Google competitors, thereby
giving Google an unfair advantage in the nascent marketplace for
digital books.