Consumer Group Calls On Google To Offer Zero Personal Data Retention Policy

Seeks Meeting With Chairman Eric Schmidt About Privacy Concerns

Santa Monica, CA — Google should offer users of its search engine
the ability to leave no personal data on the Internet giant’s servers, the nonpartisan, nonprofit Consumer Watchdog said today and asked for a
meeting with Google’s chairman to discuss the group’s privacy concerns.

Consumer Group Calls on Google To Match Yahoo!’s Data Retention Policy, Offer Additional Privacy Guarantee; Warns That Personal Data Remains on Search Companies’ Servers

Santa Monica, CA — Internet giant Google must match new privacy
measures announced by search rival Yahoo!, Consumer Watchdog said
today, and called on both companies to enact stronger protections to
truly guarantee users’ privacy. The nonprofit, nonpartisan consumer
group warned the public that even with shorter data retention times,
identifiable personal data remains on the search companies’ servers
because each point of contact renews the data retention window.

Google removes ‘Beta’ label from Chrome, but browser still fails privacy test

I was surprised today when Internet giant Google today removed the "Beta" or test label from its new Chrome browser. Four-year-old Gmail still carries the "Beta" label. Despite the
changes, though, the Web browser still offers inadequate protection for
users’ privacy.