Why we need to demand a Congressional hearing on Google’s Wi-Spying

Wed, Jul 28, 2010 at 2:18 pm

    Why we need to demand a Congressional hearing on Google’s Wi-Spying

    For the last three years, Google cars and vans have been trolling the world’s cities and towns taking pictures of our houses, businesses and neighborhoods for Google Street View.

    As it turns out, the whole time, they have also been Wi-Spying. They gathered data from private WiFi networks — including, quite possibly, the one you’re using right now.

    We need your help. Sign our petition and demand that Google comes clean about the Wi-Spy scandal. Demand that Congress hold hearings immediately into the question of why Google thinks it’s OK to gather our private data and what they plan on doing with it. Google must also explain its relationship with the National Security Agency.

    Sixty-nine percent of those responding to our national poll on Internet privacy agree on the need for a hearing.

    Congress needs to act on what is potentially the biggest illegal wiretapping violation of all time. Just as BP’s CEO Tony Hayward had to testify before Congress to explain the Gulf oil spill, Google CEO Eric Schmidt must testify about the information spill the Internet giant caused.

    Google claims its Wi-Spying was a “mistake.” They claim they did nothing illegal. But they’re also spending millions of dollars to lobby Congress.

    Are those lobbying dollars stopping Congress from doing the right thing? Please sign our petition.

    Google refuses to reveal the nature of the private data they collected. Even worse, they refuse to say what they did or are planning on doing with it. Instead Google just keeps saying: Don’t worry. Trust us.

    Do you trust a company that has been secretly collecting our private data to do the right thing?

    It’s time for Google to come clean! It’s time for Congress to take action and investigate potentially the biggest wiretapping scandal of all time.

    Please sign our petition.

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