Consumer Privacy Groups Urge Obama To Propose Strong Privacy Law

SANTA MONICA, CA — Consumer Watchdog has joined with six other consumer privacy organizations in calling for President Obama to propose strong privacy legislation in the groups’ comments on the White House report on “big data.”

Effort To Craft Apps “Transparency Code” Shows Futility of Multi-Stakeholder Process

Obama Must Propose Legislation If He Cares About Privacy, Consumer Watchdog Says

WASHINGTON, DC – A yearlong effort convened by the Commerce Department’s National Telecommunications and Information Agency (NTIA) demonstrates the futility of crafting codes of conduct through a voluntary multi-stakeholder process and the way participants were asked their opinion of the proposed code makes a mockery of the effort, Consumer Watchdog said today.

Google And The White House Too Chummy While Firm Under Investigation, Consumer Group Says

A leading California consumer group has formally asked White House counsel to rule on the ethics of what it calls the Obama Administration’s “inappropriate” outreach — including State Dinner invites — to head honchos of Google, a firm reportedly under criminal investigation by the Justice Department.

Tech’s Star CEOs Could Be Drag On Obama

Jamie Court, who heads Consumer Watchdog, said it’s clear the Silicon Valley’s tech executives have cultivated a “hoodie and Converse” profile to mask what he says is a traditional corporate adherence to bottom-line profit concerns.