Privacy Watchdog Condemns Google For Effort To Defund It: Calls For Greater Corporate Disclosure About Lobbying Efforts And Independent Privacy Chief

Washington, DC — Consumer Watchdog President Jamie Court wrote
Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt today questioning the company’s priorities
following efforts by one of Google’s top executives to dissuade a
charitable foundation from supporting the nonpartisan group’s privacy

Google Rates Its Own Washington Watchdog

Since winning the grant last August, Consumer Watchdog has challenged Google
privacy practices related to its Gmail electronic mail program and its
Chrome Web browser. Last month, the group accused Google of lobbying
Congress to weaken privacy protections for medical records stored in
its Google Health program. “Their business model is incompatible with privacy,” says Jamie Court, Consumer Watchdog’s president.

Google Executive Apologizes Over Email To Consumer Watchdog Donor

Bob Boorstin, Google’s Director of Corporate and Policy Communications,
issued a statement on Monday apologizing for sending information about
Consumer Watchdog to The Rose Foundation. Earlier on Monday, Consumer
Watchdog published the text of an email that Boorstin sent to the
foundation on February 9, in which he asked it to consider withdrawing
funding. Boorstin cited Consumer Watchdog’s campaign to highlight
Google’s alleged lobbying activities on Capitol Hill.

Consumer Watchdog To Google: Publicly Disclose Your Lobbying Positions On Electronic Medical Record Provisions In Stimulus Bill

Santa Monica, CA — A national consumer group today called upon Google
to publicly disclose its lobbying positions on the electronic medical
record provisions of the financial stimulus legislation given a new
account by an independent journalist that Google’s presence on the bill
was felt on Capitol Hill.

Consumer Watchdog Calls on Google to Cease Lobbying Effort to Allow Sale of Patient Medical Records; Urges Congress to Adopt Privacy Protections in Economic Stimulus Bill

Santa Monica, CA — The non-partisan Consumer Watchdog called on Google
today to cease a rumored lobbying effort aimed at allowing the sale of
electronic medical records in the current version of the Economic
Stimulus legislation.  Consumer Watchdog called on Congress to remove
loopholes in the ban on the sale of medical records and include other
privacy protections absent from the current bill such as giving
patients the right to an audit detailing who had accessed their medical
records and how the records were used.