Consumer Watchdog To Google: Publicly Disclose Your Lobbying Positions On Electronic Medical Record Provisions In Stimulus Bill

Santa Monica, CA — A national consumer group today called upon Google
to publicly disclose its lobbying positions on the electronic medical
record provisions of the financial stimulus legislation given a new
account by an independent journalist that Google’s presence on the bill
was felt on Capitol Hill.

Consumer Watchdog Calls on Google to Cease Lobbying Effort to Allow Sale of Patient Medical Records; Urges Congress to Adopt Privacy Protections in Economic Stimulus Bill

Santa Monica, CA — The non-partisan Consumer Watchdog called on Google
today to cease a rumored lobbying effort aimed at allowing the sale of
electronic medical records in the current version of the Economic
Stimulus legislation.  Consumer Watchdog called on Congress to remove
loopholes in the ban on the sale of medical records and include other
privacy protections absent from the current bill such as giving
patients the right to an audit detailing who had accessed their medical
records and how the records were used.

Consumer Group Calls On Google To Offer Zero Personal Data Retention Policy

Seeks Meeting With Chairman Eric Schmidt About Privacy Concerns

Santa Monica, CA — Google should offer users of its search engine
the ability to leave no personal data on the Internet giant’s servers, the nonpartisan, nonprofit Consumer Watchdog said today and asked for a
meeting with Google’s chairman to discuss the group’s privacy concerns.

Consumer Group Calls on Google To Match Yahoo!’s Data Retention Policy, Offer Additional Privacy Guarantee; Warns That Personal Data Remains on Search Companies’ Servers

Santa Monica, CA — Internet giant Google must match new privacy
measures announced by search rival Yahoo!, Consumer Watchdog said
today, and called on both companies to enact stronger protections to
truly guarantee users’ privacy. The nonprofit, nonpartisan consumer
group warned the public that even with shorter data retention times,
identifiable personal data remains on the search companies’ servers
because each point of contact renews the data retention window.

Congress Warned Of Google Privacy & Security Risks After Google Markets Services To Staffers On Hill

New Video Shows Privacy Problems With G-Mail
Washington, DC — Consumer Watchdog released a new on-line video
exposing privacy problems with Google’s Gmail service and other Google
applications in the wake of Google’s recent marketing efforts on
Capitol Hill.   At a speech in Washington D.C. today, Google CEO Eric
Schmidt acknowledged the group’s privacy concerns and expressed an
interest in addressing them. He said his concern was balancing
performance and speed of the system with privacy and security demands.

Google Makes First California Candidate Contributions As Criticism Mounts – Updated 11/11/08

Santa Monica, CA — California campaign disclosures show that Google,
Inc [GOOG] – which is under fire from privacy advocates and government
regulators – made what appears to be the first political contributions
to California candidates in the company’s history.

Consumer Watchdog Exposes Google Privacy Problems & Calls For Attorneys General Investigation

Online Video Targets Google’s  New “Chrome” Browser, Websites And Software Revealed

SANTA MONICA, CA — Consumer Watchdog has created a You Tube video
showing how your computer could be having an unnoticed conversation
about you with Google. The nonprofit group has called on Google’s
founders and directors to adopt new privacy safeguards that allow for
anonymous internet and software use.  Watch the video here and read the letter to Google’s founders here.